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Jonathan Parr

Managing Director of ICT&DSG

Hello, my name is Jonathan and I'm the Managing Director of ICT & Data Services Group. Firstly, on behalf of all the Directors I would like to thank you for your interest in our company and Tracker+. 


I've spent my entire career in education studying how data and information is used in educational establishments. I studied Information Management at the University of Sheffield and upon graduating worked in analytical services in the Department for Education and Skills finally gaining employment in schools themselves.


I had always known from a very early age that I wanted to create software but it's one of those fields which is hard to get into, especially if you want to have a direct impact on the product you design and engineer. I started ICT & Data Services Group 13 years ago when I was made redundant because the school I worked in closed. Being made redundant was the catalyst I needed to follow my dreams.

I lived in Japan until I was 12 years old. Living in Japan is probably the root of my lifelong obsession with detail. I'm big on the little things and I care about every single detail - colours, icons, pixel shading, typography, processing times - everything. I've always believed that great software is by definition effortlessly simple to use and that the challenge for us as designers is to bring order to complexity. When you choose Tracker+ you are making an active choice to seek something which is more personal, more refined and ultimately more effective. Every single system we build is bespoke - and this is what makes us different to anybody else. We ask, "what would you like?" where our competitors say "here's what we offer".


But even more than just software and bespoke design - I care about people and I care about service. To me, people come first and the service we provide has to be exceptional. Our customers deserve it. I believe as a company we succeed when everything we do is based on a clear understanding and delivery of what our customers need. This is why we believe wholeheartedly in bespoke tracking systems.


I run ICT & Data Services Group as a technology company - with innovation, design, engineering and service at the core of our business. I believe in the power of bespoke design because I know that no two schools are the same. We build bespoke software in recognition of your uniqueness. We never want software to hold you back.



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