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Just imagine what

we can do in

another 6 years.

ICTDSG is a design and technology company. One of the things we've learned over the last 6 years is the importance of listening. As we all know the very best of ideas can very often come from the quietest voice. But ideas are extremely fragile and you can't predict when you're going to have them. Over the years we've learned that listening is the most powerful tool for design.


Our design studio really is a workshop. Every design starts as a drawing and is then made into a prototype. Designing and making really should be inseparable. For every finished product that you use algorithms had to be designed, calculation chains had to be engineered and technologies had to be created and experimented with. 

Our hallmark as a company has been to be inquisitive and ask lots of questions. We've made it a practice to have our heads down and work. To ignore in some senses all the reasons why something shouldn't be possible or what everybody else is doing. 

In 6 years we've seen incredible transition and quite shocking changes to our original design. In our design you see momentum and you see learning. As designers we live in the future. And it's not that we're not interested in the work we've done before but we're so consumed by what we haven't done yet. We've come a long way and learned a lot - just imagine where we will be in another 6 years.

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